10 Random (Non-Spoilery) Observations about Avengers: Infinity War

1. The fact that certain events at the end of the movie are guaranteed to be reversed in the sequel keeps me from having a deep emotional reaction to said events.

2. Marvel is able to go dark. After Thor: Ragnarok, I wasn’t so sure. If not for #1 above, I’d say far too dark for my tastes.

3. At first I thought Dr. Strange suffered a surprising moral failure. Then I realized there are 14,000,605 reasons why he did what he did.

4. I’m curious how a fan of Chick tracts might have reacted to the post-credits scene.

5. That one guy? I’m still not 100% sure he’s dead.

6. I kept wanting to refer to Thanos as the Mad Malthusian.

7. If the sequel involves breaking into Gringotts to retrieve a magical artifact, I’m crying foul.

8. The end credits music was phenomenal! It really captured the tone of where the story has taken us.

9. Was Ned giving Peter the distraction he asked for, or was he legit freaking out because of the giant space donut?

10. I did not expect dwarves to be that tall. I kind of liked it.