This Ended Up about the Way I Thought It Would

Only maybe faster.

Images of Dyer’s kill began circling the internet this week, and it wasn’t long before mainstream outlets like TIME magazine were giving valuable press to the “man who shot Sasquatch”, running stories about how Dyer baited the beast with Wal-Mart ribs nailed to a tree outside San Antonio. He claims that after the big guy was studied (we’re never told by whom), his body was stuffed and preserved. Now Dyer is touring the country with the dead body in the back of his trailer, charging curious onlookers a few bucks a pop for a peek behind the curtain.

If this all sounds a little, well, fake.. that’s because it is. What the media isn’t mentioning is that this isn’t the first time that Rick Dyer has “killed Bigfoot”.


The Face of Bigfoot?

io9 reports:

bigfootMonster-hunter Rick Dyer claims he shot and killed Bigfoot — because that’s what you do when you find a shy, rare creature — and is now touring the country with its dead body. Today he released this picture of his Bigfoot trophy.

Over at Cryptomundo, Craig Woolheater has been following the Dyer saga. He notes much more even-handedly than I would that this face doesn’t quite resemble other images that Dyer has released of this Bigfoot. Hmmm, could this be faked? Sorry, cryptid fans — I’m going to go with “yes.”

Read more at Cryptomundo and judge for yourself.